Fairy Tales EXPOSED with Chris Ochs

Everything You Know about Fairy Tales is WRONG – a talk by Chris Ochs.

“We’ll look at the origins, meanings and evolution of icons from fairy tales. Then compare them against their curious, funny and often GRISLY counterparts throughout history, smashing several childhood icons along the way.
FAIR WARNING – any children in the audience will be mortified, and may leave in tears.”
Parkland Community Library, March 7th, 2017 at 7 pm.  Free.

Fairy Tale Confidential

Mwahahahahaha!  Welcome to the Dark Side of Fairy tales. We ALL know fairy tales.  There is a quest, and a princess – or a damsel – and a hero, and a villain, and a struggle and, poof!, at the end everything works out.  And, they are sweet and innocent and innocuous.  Or, are they??

Spend any time on Fairy Tale Lobby, a blog hosted by LVSG member Megan Hicks and Mary Grace Ketner, and these “harmless” stories display the conflicted emotions of the psyche.  Charles Kiernan, LVSG Coordinator, posts an in depth monthly examination of Grimm’s tales, on his Fairy Tale blog.  Fairy tales may have been our ancestors answer to psycho therapy, since these stories delve into all the neuroses and abominable behavior of human existence.  These stories also guided and counseled our forebears with examples of problem solving and shining virtue.

If you hope to learn more,LVSG story lover member, Chris Ochs, will offer his talk, “Everything You Know About Fairy Tales Is WRONG”, at various Lehigh Valley libraries in March.  Check our calendar for times and places.  Note:  Ochs’ talk is NOT for young children.

Tom Egan’s Irish Tales at Langhorne Public Library

Tom Egan will tell stories from the Emerald Island at Langhorne Free Public Library on July 30th at 2 pm.  The event is part of the Summer Reading Club.  Langhorne Free Library is located at 301 S. Pine Street, Langhorne, PA, 19047.  Please call the library to learn of any fees or restrictions.  215-757-2510.