Workshops – Dennis Boyne

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild continues to offer cultural enlightenment with another awesome FREE workshop.  Dennis Boyne, founder of Lehigh Valley Story Slam, will lead a Story Slam Workshop, designed to allow YOU to star in the next story slam you attend.  Boyne’s workshop will concentrate on how to tell a successful short, true story, including microphone skills and interacting with the audience, among other tips of the trade.  Boyne’s Lehigh Valley Story Slams have turned into hilarious, sometimes touching, events as tellers from all walks of life share slices of their lives.  Get the goods from a master.  Dennis’ workshop happens on Wednesday, July 12th at Godfrey Daniels, at 6 pm.

Every other month or so, the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild offers FREE workshops to anyone who wants to attend.  Subjects covered in the past have been Voice Care, Professional Presentation, Storytelling in Higher Education and Telling Stories from Other Cultural Traditions.  The workshops are posted on our events column.