How to Deal with the Pandemic

Here are some ways that the tellers of the LVSG are dealing with the pandemic. Chris O. revises his new novel, writes music for organ and takes walks.  Walking on uncrowded sidewalks offers mind-clearing views and fodder for stories. Robin R. completes her book on an historic figure, bakes, hikes and blogs. Check her Facebook feed to read amazing stories, fed to us in daily chunks. Oni L. has jewelry to make. Active with Keepers of the Culture in the {Read More}

Family Series Cancelled. Covid-19 means Stay Home

Family Series with Kathy Long is cancelled on March 15th as we hope that health professionals find an adequate treatment and/or cure for Covid-19. We bring people in from all over, including areas where cases of the virus have been reported. And, increasingly, patients are being tested positive with “no known exposure” to other infected people so…   Take a walk. Read a book. But stay away from groups of people.

Family Series at Godfrey Daniels – Once Again

Holiday stories, Native American tricksters, Earthlings, Real Life and Muses are all on the menu during the 2019/20 Family Series of Storytelling events. This series runs from November to April with one program each month. The tellers have chosen their best wares, polished them brightly, and invite you to hang your worries – and disbelief – at the door. Bring a child if you wish – or come as a child, just for fun. The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild and {Read More}

Stories of Autumn – Tellabration!

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild takes part in Tellabration!, again this year.  LVSG’s entry into world wide storytelling is a fund raising concert for adults on November 23rd, 2019 at Trinity Episcopal Church, 44 East Market Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.  All the particulars are on our calendar over there on the right. This event benefits the Trinity Episcopal Soup Kitchen. Tellabration! was spearheaded by the National Storytelling Network. Originally designated as the “International Day of Storytelling”, Tellabration! has become a {Read More}

Storytellers in the news!

Denise McCormack was touted for her wonderful skills this past summer in The Southsider, South Side Bethlehem’s online neighborhood news.  McCormack has done numerous storytelling events on Bethlehem’s Southside, and she spread the word about the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild’s activities and skills. You can read about McCormack herself, and the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild’s Family series, in this informative article.  Click here. Larry Schardt, an LVSG member, was interviewed by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group last March.  How {Read More}

Ghosts and Ghouls and Tales of Terror!

Hearken all! The storytellers are on the prowl. They will haunt your local libraries and area festivals to send shivers up your spine with awful tales! Once again, the Lehigh Valley Storytellers will send out their members, alone or in pairs, to visit areas as far flung as The Emmaus Public Library in the western Lehigh Valley and Barrett Paradise Friendly Library in the Poconos amd all places in between. Check our calendar in the sidebar on the right to {Read More}

School Days, school days, good ole golden rule days!

Did you keep a summer journal?  Do you have stories from the long, hot summer days?  School has started in some areas.  Let’s hope families head back with a whole portfolio of tales to share with people they have missed all summer.  If you “just stayed home”, you might need to be creative about your summer exploits.  Most teachers don’t ask kids to write about “What I Did this Summer” anymore.  You can, though!  You can go through your memory {Read More}

Summer Time and the Stories Come Easy

School will soon be out.  Families will pack their bags and head off to the (insert YOUR favorite vacation destination HERE).  Amusement parks will spill over with children and teens chasing down thrills as if their lives depended on it.  Municipal pools and rustic swimming holes alike will ring with the sounds of splashing and laughter.  Late night picnickers will gather around backyard fire pits to roast marshmallows and to tell stories.  You can make up your own wild backyard {Read More}

Haunted Love

Love stories are huge business. Romance novels, romantic movies, love songs – especially love songs – dominate the media. Unrequited love that spans centuries, the curtain that shifts, the spectral bride in the mirror, ah, those stories draw us in. The dangerous obsession, the lover who becomes an oppressor, these stories add the spark of fright to the mix. Many of us are haunted by “the one that got away”. Some have suffered more for love than they should have. {Read More}

Family Series returns!

The annual Family Storytelling Series returns to Godfrey Daniels on February 3 at 2 pm – weather permitting! Karen Maurer will tell stories that are strictly “For the Birds”. Karen brings songs, stories and even a craft to her performances. There is something for every age at the Family Storytelling Series. Ingrid Bohn is up next with Knuckleheads, Noodleheads, and Tall Tales. Listeners will feel a lot smarter after listening to the goofy antics in the tales that Ingrid spins. Ingrid {Read More}