Summer Time and the Stories Come Easy

School will soon be out.  Families will pack their bags and head off to the (insert YOUR favorite vacation destination HERE).  Amusement parks will spill over with children and teens chasing down thrills as if their lives depended on it.  Municipal pools and rustic swimming holes alike will ring with the sounds of splashing and laughter.  Late night picnickers will gather around backyard fire pits to roast marshmallows and to tell stories.  You can make up your own wild backyard {Read More}

Haunted Love

Love stories are huge business. Romance novels, romantic movies, love songs – especially love songs – dominate the media. Unrequited love that spans centuries, the curtain that shifts, the spectral bride in the mirror, ah, those stories draw us in. The dangerous obsession, the lover who becomes an oppressor, these stories add the spark of fright to the mix. Many of us are haunted by “the one that got away”. Some have suffered more for love than they should have. {Read More}

Family Series returns!

The annual Family Storytelling Series returns to Godfrey Daniels on February 3 at 2 pm – weather permitting! Karen Maurer will tell stories that are strictly “For the Birds”. Karen brings songs, stories and even a craft to her performances. There is something for every age at the Family Storytelling Series. Ingrid Bohn is up next with Knuckleheads, Noodleheads, and Tall Tales. Listeners will feel a lot smarter after listening to the goofy antics in the tales that Ingrid spins. Ingrid {Read More}

Holiday Tales

Storytellers never take a holiday.  If our mouths are busy eating or singing or brushing our teeth, we are watching and listening and gathering the threads for a newly woven story.  The Winter holidays are absolutely the best time to pull together stories.  So much is going on!  We learn so much about our cultures and our families and ourselves in the way we handle all the hustle and bustle of this time of year. Keep your ears open for {Read More}

Frightful Nights all over the Valley

Forget pumpkin spice.  The only pumpkins we’re interested in are Jack-o-Lanterns, those glowing grimaces designed to scare evil spirits on the Eve of All Saints’ Day – Hallow E’en.  The History Channel shares the story of Stingy Jack – supposedly the first maker of jack-o-lanterns.   Imagine trying to carve a face into a potato or a turnip!  Those were the very first jack-o-lanterns.  Praise be for pumpkins and their cavernous insides.  Flickering candles cast shadow faces on the walls as {Read More}

Love Stories – the Art of the One Person Show

Themed programs are a storyteller’s bread and butter.  Schools request stories about kindness, for example.  Churches want stories about faith.  Sometimes, the teller finds stories that fit so well together that she (or he) creates a one person offering that has to find an audience. Nationally known tellers, like Jay O’Callahan have been commissioned to create full 90 minute programs for community celebrations or notable anniversaries.  O’Callhan’s “Pouring the Sun”, a story program about growth and change in Bethlehem Steel, {Read More}

Be a Star! Kids’ Open Mic with MaryAnn Paterniti

Take the stage at Godfrey Daniels on April 22nd at 2 pm for a Kids’ Open Mic.  MaryAnn Paterniti emcees with stories and songs to build up steam.  Then, children of all ages can step up and tell stories, sing songs, do magic tricks and just shine, shine, shine! MaryAnn Paterniti will keep things moving with stories, jokes and songs.  Her stories make people smile and ooh and aah!  You can just sit back and listen OR you can join {Read More}

Travel into Story with Robin Reichert

“Come along with us on the magical journey of a story!” with Robin Reichert’s “Wind, Water, & Magic” as LVSG continues its acclaimed Children’s Storytelling Series. Robin leads children and children-at-heart on a merry adventure to places where magic and wonder are commonplace. Let your imagination soar on Sunday, April 15, 2 PM, at Godfrey Daniels, located at 7 East 4th Street in Bethlehem, PA. Admission is $5.50. Kids under 5 are FREE. Cops’n’Kids will hand out free books to {Read More}

The Journey Continues – Rob Aptaker

Rob Aptaker takes the stage at Godfrey Daniels for the Children’s Storytelling Series on April 8th at 2 pm. (See calendar for details.) Aptaker tells stories from Eastern woodland tribal nations: Lenape, Cherokee, Abenaki, and Iroquois.  He provides background and historical information about each tribal group when introducing a tale.  Rob makes sure his audience understands that Native American Nations — like nations anywhere else — each have their own unique languages, cultures, and customs. Traditional Native American stories are {Read More}