Extry! Extry! Storytelling -and Charles Kiernan – in the news

Storytelling –  one storyteller, in particular – has been burning up the online presses of the Lehigh Valley and beyond.  A wonderful article featuring Charles Kiernan appeared in The Southsider a week or so ago.  In this Artist in the Spotlight interview, Kiernan tells it like it is – giving a wonderful explanation for the importance of storytelling in today’s world.   Read it here.

The Southsider followed Kiernan’s interview with an article on the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild’s Story Circle – every second Wednesday at Godfrey Daniels (except in August).

More recently, Kiernan’s lively portrayal of Mark Twain made the headlines in TAP into Montville, an online newsletter for residents of Montville, N.J.  Kiernan’s performance at the Montville Public Library is described in detail, allowing readers to fully appreciate what they missed and what Kiernan does with the stories he tells.  The article is here – to whet your appetite for storytelling that brings the past alive.

Charles Kiernan is the Coordinator of our illustrious guild (Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild) and a raconteur of acclaim.  You can learn more about him at his website, Lost Dollar.   Check for upcoming performances; listen to a tale or two; learn about Charles’ journey into stories.  Visit his blog where he posts a different fairy tale every month – many of them from the Grimm Brothers – and discusses them at length.