Family Series returns!

The annual Family Storytelling Series returns to Godfrey Daniels on February 3 at 2 pm – weather permitting! Karen Maurer will tell stories that are strictly “For the Birds”. Karen brings songs, stories and even a craft to her performances. There is something for every age at the Family Storytelling Series.

Ingrid Bohn is up next with Knuckleheads, Noodleheads, and Tall Tales. Listeners will feel a lot smarter after listening to the goofy antics in the tales that Ingrid spins. Ingrid will perform on February 17th.

Judy England-McCarthy steps to the mic on March 3, with Winter Wonderland. Toasty and warm, brave the weather as Judy carries you through snow and ice.

On March 17th, expect something altogether different. Denise McCormack mines the folklore of eastern Europe and shares Medieval Tales and Slavic Sagas.

Kathy Long invites to Let Your Imagination Soar On April 4th. Kathy knows a lot about tickling the imagination!

April 14th is the last Family Series performance but certainly NOT the least.  Larry Sceurman brings Stories of Family and Friendship. What a fitting way to end the Family Storytelling Series of 2019.

All Family Storytelling Series performances start at 2 pm, at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015.