Frightful Nights all over the Valley

Forget pumpkin spice.  The only pumpkins we’re interested in are Jack-o-Lanterns, those glowing grimaces designed to scare evil spirits on the Eve of All Saints’ Day – Hallow E’en.  The History Channel shares the story of Stingy Jack – supposedly the first maker of jack-o-lanterns.   Imagine trying to carve a face into a potato or a turnip!  Those were the very first jack-o-lanterns.  Praise be for pumpkins and their cavernous insides.  Flickering candles cast shadow faces on the walls as people gathered around to listen to stories of ghosts and devils and skeletal fingers.  Now, THAT is a pumpkin’s true purpose, for sure.  (Also, pie but that’s later…)

Libraries all over the Lehigh Valley will host the scariest tellers available all through the month of October.  Tellers from the LVSG will visit eight libraries to chill spines, tickle funny bones, and spin webs of horror thanks to an anonymous grant.

The libraries who will host these events are:  The Parkland Community Library in South Whitehall; Mary Meuser Library in Wilson Borough; the Bethlehem Area Public Library, Main Branch; Catasauqua Public Library; the Easton Area Public Library; Whitehall Public Library; Nazareth Public Library; Emmaus Public Library.

Be WARNED!!!  The program at the Easton Area Public Library and the program at Nazareth Public Library are for GROWN-UPS ONLY.  Expect to be scared.  Other libraries will host costumed children and their parents, families, seniors, and teens.  Check our event calendar to learn more about each event.  Keep checking.  The horror may spread even wider.