Ghosts and Ghouls and Tales of Terror!

Hearken all! The storytellers are on the prowl. They will haunt your local libraries and area festivals to send shivers up your spine with awful tales!

Once again, the Lehigh Valley Storytellers will send out their members, alone or in pairs, to visit areas as far flung as The Emmaus Public Library in the western Lehigh Valley and Barrett Paradise Friendly Library in the Poconos amd all places in between. Check our calendar in the sidebar on the right to find out where our tellers will ply their haunting craft and who will appear at each site.

Ghost stories are a time honored campfire, late night tradition. When night draws in earlier and earlier, when we find ourselves walking home under streetlamps or guided by far off porch lights, when the hair stands up on the backs of our necks – ah, that is the time to remember the wraiths that have no rest.

Charles Kiernan, president of the Guild says, “Let’s be clear. This is not story time. This is the oral tradition. These are the tales the bards told to their royal audiences, the tales the Irish Seanchaí told in the taverns, and the tales told around countless campfires.

If you have not experienced true storytelling before, here is your chance. If you have, then you know what a gift this is from the Guild and your library.”

Join us. You will be thrilled!