Haunted Love

Love stories are huge business. Romance novels, romantic movies, love songs – especially love songs – dominate the media. Unrequited love that spans centuries, the curtain that shifts, the spectral bride in the mirror, ah, those stories draw us in. The dangerous obsession, the lover who becomes an oppressor, these stories add the spark of fright to the mix.

Many of us are haunted by “the one that got away”. Some have suffered more for love than they should have. Separated by time, trouble, things beyond their control, lovers ache for things that might have been.  The love of some lives can become the bane of those lives existence. The heart is a fragile, unreliable organ.

Join storytellers, Larry Sceurman and Karen Maurer, as they share stories of haunted love. From the plight of a young man in search of brains, to young lovers separated over the centuries by cruelty, Sceurman and Maurer combine their voices to shock listeners with mournful tales, to make those same listeners laugh, to remind listeners of young love.

Bring YOUR true love to the Easton Area Public Library, 515 Church Street, Easton PA. 18042, on Wednesday February 13th, to celebrate romance, even bad romance. This event is free to all adults. The stories are not suitable for children. For more information, please check the events calendar on the right side of this website.