Love Stories! and Other Stories for Adults

Denise McCormack, LVSG member, has something in common with actor John Lithgow.  They are both doing one person storytelling shows that feature stories for adults.  WHAT???!!  Storytelling to adults gives voice to tales that make people think, tales that require an audience that can sit still, adventures that show the complexity of human nature. Remember; the tellers of fairy tales and folklore originally told these stories to the grown-ups AFTER the children were asleep.

Lithgow performed an early version of his “Stories by Heart” show in Lehigh University’s Zoellner Center a few years ago.   Lithgow retells two stories that his father loved to read out loud to the family.  The stories are literary but his performance is the essence of storytelling – a little theater, a lot of just plain telling.   His performance, though funny and sometimes a little manic, is targeted at adults.

McCormack will take the stage on February 16th at 7 pm, at the The Center for Art in Wood, with her one-woman show “Love Stories”.   She will share literary tales and folklore that address the transformative power  of love, its expectations, its disappointments, and the longing for connection. “Love Stories” is part of Philly Theatre Week, 7 days of theater wonder in Philadelphia.  Get tickets here.

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling celebrates telling to adults with Tellabration!(tm), an international day of storytelling, and with the monthly Story Circles.  We hope to bring more thought and laugh provoking stories to grown-ups everywhere.  LVSG member, Larry Sceurman, says it best, “Keep a story in your heart.”  Stories teach, warm, and enlighten us no matter what age we are.