2015 – 2016 Archive

December 2016
Chaz Great White Cat – A winter story for a winter day!

November 2016
Here is a little wisdom for the holidays from Heather Forest.

October 2016
Here is a little Halloween treat.

Septemeber 2016
Vampires, anyone? Denise McCormack has a story.

August 2016
Here is one of our favorites, Shelia K. Adams.

July 2016
Here is Guild member Christopher Ochs and an original tale, “The Balalaika and The Samovar.”

June 2016
Ingrid Bohn takes on Aesop.

May 2016
Zero is more than it seems with Raelinda Woad

April 2016
Guild member Rob Aptaker tells us two Native American creation tales.

March 2016
Here is a little bit of Patrick for Saint Patrick’s Day

February 2016
Heather Forest is one of our favorite tellers. Give a listen.

January 2016
And now for a little politics with Jay O’Callahan

December 2015
Give a listen to the Pennsylvania Youth Storytelling Showcase winners, Girard Behe and Kaylee Davis.

November 2015
Time for a tall tale. Here is Bil Lepp, West Virginia’s favor liar.

October 2015
Here are two Halloween stories from LVSG members John Callahan and the late Kathy Pierce.

August 2015
Two stories by Megan Hicks

July 2015
Story Slam – have you heard?

June 2015
Listen to Nancy Donoval talk about her family name

May 2015
A tribute to the late Sid Lieberman

April 2015
Listen to an Aesop fable told by Heather Forest

March 2015
In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day we give you a little bit of Irish lore from Richard Marsh.

February 2015
February is Black History Month. It is our pleasure to present Charlotte Blake Alston, telling two traditional African tales.

January 2015
January is the start of our Winter Children’s Series. Part of that is Kathy Long’ show on February 15th. Here is one of Kathy’s stories.

December 2014
The Christmas season is a good time to be among relatives. For this show, Andy Offutt Erwin will keep us in the company of his aunt Marguerite with his story A Glass Christmas.

November 2014
Here is an old favorite teller of ours, Katherine Windham.