School Days, school days, good ole golden rule days!

Did you keep a summer journal?  Do you have stories from the long, hot summer days?  School has started in some areas.  Let’s hope families head back with a whole portfolio of tales to share with people they have missed all summer.  If you “just stayed home”, you might need to be creative about your summer exploits.  Most teachers don’t ask kids to write about “What I Did this Summer” anymore.  You can, though!  You can go through your memory and create beginnings to some of the things you did -or almost did.   Let the kids fill in.

If you went someplace wonderful – a different country – a theme park – did you learn any stories?

I hope you told stories and listened to tales this past summer.  I hope your students – that might be YOU – bring good stories home from school.

Keep the stories flowing.  Listening to stories increases a young child’s imagination, vocabulary, attention span, compassion, patience and understanding of relationship dynamics.  In other words, a story a day is just plain good for you.