Summer Time and the Stories Come Easy

School will soon be out.  Families will pack their bags and head off to the (insert YOUR favorite vacation destination HERE).  Amusement parks will spill over with children and teens chasing down thrills as if their lives depended on it.  Municipal pools and rustic swimming holes alike will ring with the sounds of splashing and laughter.  Late night picnickers will gather around backyard fire pits to roast marshmallows and to tell stories.  You can make up your own wild backyard tales OR you can find some on the web.  I love Ultimate Camp Resource for great campfire ideas.

I got my start as a storyteller in my teens as the “first automotive entertainment system”.  When the sibs (For most of my teens I was one of 8 kids. THEN, suddenly, I was one of 9.) got bored or whiny, and we had sung every song my Mom knew…after endless games of alphabet license plates and punch buggy – someone would say “tell us a story”  and I was off.  I liked to add the places we traveled through to the stories, making up origins for the villages or definitions for their names.  Sometimes, to my younger brothers and sisters delight or discomfort, I made them characters in the stories.  Try it!

And when you are all talked out, listen to stories on audio.  The trip to Vacationland will fly by.  There is always time for a good story.