We Stand By You

The members of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild stand in solidarity with and support our black members, our neighbors, friends, families, and all marginalized people, as we struggle together as a community against racism, bigotry, cruelty and violence. We support all Front Line workers and offer our heartfelt sympathy to all who have lost loved ones to Covid-19. Stories can help. We find stories of people working together. We remember times of kindness. We encourage everyone to learn the stories {Read More}

Virtual Story Circle May 13th, 7:30 pm

Join us via Zoom to share stories from your very own living/dining/hanging out room.  This event is free, open to all. If you want to join us, please send us an email  for a Zoom invite. Click on Contact Us, up there in the right hand corner.   Our next attempt at virtual story sharing is on May 13th at 7:30 pm. PS: Zoom tips. Even if you are not talking, other participants can SEE and HEAR you unless you {Read More}

How to Deal with the Pandemic

Here are some ways that the tellers of the LVSG are dealing with the pandemic. Chris O. revises his new novel, writes music for organ and takes walks.  Walking on uncrowded sidewalks offers mind-clearing views and fodder for stories. Robin R. completes her book on an historic figure, bakes, hikes and blogs. Check her Facebook feed to read amazing stories, fed to us in daily chunks. Oni L. has jewelry to make. Active with Keepers of the Culture in the {Read More}

Family Series News!

Due to COVID- 19, the last two Family Series sessions were cancelled. DO NOT DESPAIR! Plans for the 2020-2021 Family Series are under way. Family Series events are held at 2 pm on the third Sunday of the month at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East 4th Street, Bethlehem , PA 18015. These performances are open to the public for an admission price. Cops’n’Kids hands out free books to all children in attendance. Ingrid Bohn, who ably piloted the Family Series for {Read More}

The Many Muses of Oni Lasana, Storyteller & Poet

Oni Lasana finishes up the 2019/2020 Family Series at Godfrey Daniels with great stories and tales. Join her on April 19th, 2020 at 2 pm on the stage at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018. Oni Lasana’s fairy tales, folktales, real tales and fake tales have floated around in her head since she was a little girl growing up in the row home in North Philadelphia. Since, 1984 she has shared her passion of storytelling worldwide. Her {Read More}

Cancelled!!! Folktales Woven from Real Life with Kathy Long

Drat that Covid-19! Dastardly coronavirus!  Until testing kits are readily available and health professionals know how to effectively treat this infection, we need to be overly cautious.  Our venue is small and Kathy Long is very popular. Please don’t cry.  We will bring her back as soon as we can! Just wait!  More Family Series fun is in stories with Lehigh Valley favorite, Kathy Long. Kathy Long is a natural-born storyteller. From her earliest childhood, she has been regaling audiences {Read More}

Cancelled -Story Circle – March 11th

Covid-19 is nothing to sneeze at. (I crack myself up.) So stay away from people until we get a better grip on this virus. Story Circle is CANCELLED tonight. Spring beckons. Stories of growth and change and, mayhaps, Celtic mischief may be on offer. Share your own tales, your own magic. The Story Circle is a welcoming circle of friends – new and old – who gather to share folk tales, personal stories, humorous yarns, tall tales and whoppers.  We {Read More}

Earthling! Tales from Our Planet Home with Karen Maurer

The Family Series, sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild and Godfrey Daniels, continues with stories about the real and imagined denizens of Earth – Earthlings! Told by a Senior Earthling, Karen Maurer, these stories will open the listeners’ minds so they will view our home with new eyes. Declare your global citizenry with Karen on February 16 at 2 pm, at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East Fourth Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Karen Maurer started telling stories in childhood as a {Read More}

Story Circle – February 12, 2020

Might there be love tales or tales of romance? Will you share your own stories of love lost and found?  If you don’t join us, you will never know. The Story Circle is a circle of friends – new and old – who gather to share folk tales, personal stories, humorous yarns, tall tales and whoppers.  We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (except August) at Godfrey Daniels, 7 East 4th Street, Bethlehem, 18015.  Attendance is FREE.  Beverages {Read More}

Humorous Tales from Native America with Teller Rob Aptaker

Join Rob Aptaker as he shares Humorous Tales from Native America. An enduring stereotype of the first people of America is that of stoic, laconic — but noble — stony faced folk.  Rob Aptaker will share traditional Native American stories that give the lie to this false image.  Human and animal tricksters abound in these stories.  Some of the tales are ‘laugh out loud’ funny, while others display a wry subtle humor that reflects the foibles of he human condition.  {Read More}