Bob Heffelfinger

Specializing in Pennsylvania Dutch material.

Bobby Heffelfinger’s life path has lead down many trails.  After growing up in The Delaware Terrace Housing Project in Easton he spent some time living on Vulcan.  (That’s the USS Vulcan courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Navy).  Bobby worked as an optician, an insurance salesman and in the plastics industry before finding his way to the steel mills.   After 15 years as a steel worker like many other’s in the Lehigh Valley he found it necessary to start a new career.  Now, after 20 years in the Social Service he is embarking on yet another new life, storytelling.  Bobby tells an eclectic group of stories from his own life experiences and his Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage and from many other sources.  So listen to Bobby’s tales where like many a trail there a surprise just around the bend.

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