Bruce Marold

Bruce came to live storytelling late in life, based on a lifelong love of reading to an audience. The inspiration for his storytelling and reading life is based on the life and work of Jean Shepherd, whom he first encountered on a lonely Saturday night, as “Shep” read the Lewis Carroll epic The Hunting of the Snark. He has read stories to kids regularly, for the past two years. He is one of the newer members of the guild and a member of the guild board. His primary claim to fame is as an organizer of storytelling series in Bethlehem for the Market Street Fair of 2015, the Northeast Ministries in Bethlehem, Cedarbrook Retirement Community in Allentown, and the Guild’s annual Tellebration!.  He specializes in telling stories from his life to adults and famous “fairy tales” to children, in addition to reading books to children. His most daring foray into impromptu storytelling was when he decided to tell the story of Achilles in The Iliad to a group of Boy Scouts. His ambition is to make contemporary audiences more appreciative of all forms of the spoken word.

Contact Mr. Marold if you wish to have a multi-teller event or series scheduled and produced.

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