Charles Kiernan

I take great pleasure in telling Brothers Grimm fairy tales. While most people can name a handful of Grimm tales, there are over two hundred stories that the brothers collected. Some real gems are not commonly heard.  Be warned, however, I do tell them in their original spirit, under the belief that the “grimness” of Grimm serves a purpose, and should not be disneyfied!

I perform Americana tales, collectively labeled as the “Lost Dollar” stories. This collection of wisdom and humorous tales make up the life of a little village stuck way back in the hills, pretty far from just about anywhere.

I have taken Appalachian humor and anecdotes and woven them into a patchwork quilt of stories. You will get to know the Right Reverend, Sam and Simon Seamore, Granny Pollard and Uncle Willard to name a few of the folks in Lost Dollar.

I have been fobbing myself off as Mark Twain with some success. Twain is wont to ramble on about his boyhood memories,the newspaper publishing business, life on the Mississippi and frogs. Mostly, though, he likes to talk about the river.

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