Kristin Pedemonti

In need of motivation & inspiration combined with whimsy and a deeper message? Kristin Pedemonti is your answer.

She may arrive on a Big Wheel, wearing wings & carrying a Free Hugs sign, but there are deeper messages in store. As Kristin unpacks her heart, she builds bridges between people of all ages and cultures through stories of understanding & kindness; she shows you a world where we are all interconnected & there are No Strangers. Kristin encourages everyone to realize our stories matter and we all have the potential to be Every Day Superheroes.

She shares true tales from her life journey. She also shares cultural stories gathered from her worldwide travels which illustrate how truly similar we are no matter man-made boundaries or the color of our skin.

Award winning, International Storyteller, Motivational Speaker and TED Talks talent search finalist, Kristin Pedemonti performs world wide at festivals, conferences, TEDx events, universities, schools and special events sharing tales of hope, understanding and joy. She is the Founder of Literacy Outreach Belize and has donated programs for 33K youth and trained 800 teachers how to use their own cultural stories in the classroom. Her book, Building Bridges Between; Connecting Culture, Classrooms & Communities is slated for publication in 2013. This year, Kristin and her project are invited to expand into Kenya, Ghana and India. She’s performed throughout the US including NYC & globally in Belfast, Berlin, Bogota, London, Naples, Paris, Poland, Sweden & Beyond. This June she will be a featured teller at SIGANA Festival in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her other passions are sharing FREE HUGS, blowing bubbles on subways and helping others release their Inner Superheroes.

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