Lynn Ruehlmann

Lynn Ruehlmann loves delicious stories about all kinds of people from history, myths, and her own life.  Her CDs, “Spy! The Story of Civil War Spy Elizabeth Van Lew,” “It Happened in the White House,” and “Mischief!” have won four national awards.  She is winner of a Folio Best Actress in a Comedy Award, and Artist of the Year from Young Audiences of Virginia.

Her programs range from lively shows about stories in history, such as “Steadfast and Spirited: Stories of the American Revolution,” to accessible retellings of myths, such as “Perseus:  A Greek Hero and His Myth Adventures,” to light-hearted story romps for younger children, such as “Shimmer-Swimmers,” to original, personal narratives about adoption, coming-of-age, and childhood mischief-making.

More information and descriptions of all her programs can be found on the website

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