Roz Benton

When Roz was growing up in Scranton, Andrew Jackson Elementary School had no library, and books were a rare commodity in her house.  Then one day a man came door-to-door selling books.  He had been badly burned in a fire and selling books was now his means of livelihood.  Her parents didn’t have much money, but her mother felt sorry for him and purchased a set of Collier’s Junior Classics, a ten volume set of beautifully bound brightly colored leather books full of literary treasures:  fairy tales, myths and legends, stories from history and even poetry.

Roz proceeded to read each one cover to cover.  The fairy tales were her favorites and she’d make her little brother sit next to her on the couch and they’d enter the imaginary world of “The Frog Prince,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Rapunzel,” and many others.

Throughout her adult life, her career path has taken many turns, but always in the helping profession.  She’s worked with drug addicts, mentally handicapped adults and older adults.

It was while she was working with older adults that her love of stories was reawakened, and she realized what a treasure trove of stories are contained within each one of us.

She now devotes her time to developing and presenting storytelling programs to adult audiences.

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