We Stand By You

The members of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild stand in solidarity with and support our black members, our neighbors, friends, families, and all marginalized people, as we struggle together as a community against racism, bigotry, cruelty and violence.

We support all Front Line workers and offer our heartfelt sympathy to all who have lost loved ones to Covid-19.

Stories can help. We find stories of people working together. We remember times of kindness. We encourage everyone to learn the stories of people who come from different places, who look different, who have different abilities.  Keepers of the Culture, Philadelphia’s Afrocentric Storytelling Group will share stories every Friday night. Click here for more info.

We share stories that extol acceptance, peace and justice. We hope to tell stories of those who have suffered in this conflict or from this pandemic. We resolve to spread stories of kindness and fairness to everyone, wherever we are, for as long as they will listen.

We listen, too. We will share the stories we hear, honestly, respectfully, and with love.