Listen – Stories in the Valley

Every third Wednesday of the month LVSG has a feature on Tom Druckenmiller’s radio show on WDIY Bethlehem, PA. Tom’s show is called “In the Tradition” featuring old-time music. Our piece of the programming is called “Stories in the Valley.” Usually, it is a fifteen to twenty-minute segment.

October 2020
Charles Kiernan tells a Nassradin tale

September 2020
Judy England-McCarthy tells an original tale

August 2020
Cris Riedel tells “Clever Manka”

July 2020 (Sorry, no April, May, or June)
Daniel Morden tells “Death in a Nut”

March 2020
Patrick Ball Two stories for Saint Patricks Day

February 2020
Oni Lasana Two poems for Black History month
Find Oni at

January 2020
Dovie Thomason “Dogs’ Tails”

December 2019
Jay O’Callahan “Christmas Candle”

November 2019
Dan Keding “Bobo and the Baseballs”

October 2019
Kim Weitkamp “Coy Hansen”

September 2019
Daniel Morden “Fathers of the House”

August 2019
Bil Lepp “The Seventh Second”

July 2019
Charles Kiernan “The Marriage Apples”

June 2019
Kristin Pedemonti “Tales from Around the World”

May 2019
Bill Harley “Mom and the Radio”

No show in April

March 2019
Richard Marsh “Raftery”

February 2019
Mary Wright “A Drop of Honey”

January 2019
Willy Claflin “Get a Job!”

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